Everything we do,
we do with CLEAR Purpose.

We partner with a select group of families, individuals, and business owners who recognize how valuable it is to maximize the time they have to do the things they love. Through our time-tested CLEAR Purpose Approach, our dynamic, multi-generational team lends a clear, authentic voice to help our clients build and protect what is theirs for generations to come.

A Clear Path To Success

Our CLEAR Purpose Approach:
Creating Legacies, Experiences, And Relationships

CLEAR Vision

Success starts with a strong foundation. In an ever-changing world, we consistently revisit our firm's vision and goals to ensure that we remain aligned with our guiding principles.

CLEAR Choice

The right partnership can lead to a remarkable relationship. It’s your choice who you partner with. It's our job to help you secure your financial future. We never take that for granted, and our team works tirelessly to ensure that you have a delightful experience.

CLEAR Advice

It all begins with a clear plan. We take time to know the real you and create an achievable strategy that helps turn your financial goals into reality. Our six-step process provides steady checkpoints so you know what to expect along the way.

CLEAR Legacy

The footprint you leave behind matters. You deserve a fulfilled life, for yourself and the generations that follow you. We offer an extensive array of life stage services to help you get the most out of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

CLEAR Connect

Knowledge is power. We partner with vetted professional resources that are always ready to answer your questions, provide guidance, and equip you for financial empowerment.

CLEAR Compassion

Community is everything. We are passionate about our partnerships with charitable organizations and strive to discover opportunities to give back.


When nurtured, good people do great things. We take care to ensure that our team stays ahead of the game through continuous team enrichment, further education, and training.

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Developing your plan

A balanced approach to reaching your financial goals.

Wise financial strategy lives at the center of things that matter and things we can control.

Developing your plan

What you value defines your action plan.

By taking the time to learn what makes you unique, the Purus team creates personalized wealth management strategies that truly align with your goals and values.

Developing your plan

A plan that grows along with you.

Keeping the balance between what matters and what we can control is our CLEAR Advice Loop– a practical, continuous process to keep your financial goals on track, year after year.

Clear Advice Loop

Know exactly where you stand, year after year.

Our CLEAR Advice Loop serves as a steady checkpoint throughout our relationship. This six-step, repeating process helps you know what to expect and track your progress.


We work with you to uncover your goals and objectives. We collect the necessary information to DEVELOP your personalized CLEAR Plan. This important first step will help allow us to begin to formulate a retirement income plan or analyze existing retirement income for our near-to or already retired clients. We also discuss foundational requirements for savings account reserves and employer sponsored retirement plan contributions. This will also give us the necessary information to conduct our real estate efficiency review and insurance needs analysis.


PWM Investment and Financial Planning Committees formulate the specific steps to accomplish the goals and objectives discussed during the ACCUMULATE step. These include asset allocation to a personalized investment plan and access to the Purus Model Portfolios. We will also consult with your tax preparer and/or attorney to develop proactive approaches to mitigate any taxes or liabilities. A personalized Relationship Roadmap is developed highlighting specialized services available to you and your loved ones.


In partnership with you, we review the details of your comprehensive CLEAR Plan constructed in the DEVELOP step. After the assumptions made and the applied savings rates are explained, we VERIFY that the CLEAR Plan is realistic for your lifestyle to help ensure success.


We begin implementing your personalized CLEAR Plan. This process occurs across your financial and personal life to help ensure that you are on the right path to accomplish your goals. Appropriate services, as identified on your personalized Relationship Roadmap, are extended to your loved ones. We conduct seasonal account analysis like RMDs, capital gains, and tax loss harvesting. Throughout your CLEAR Choice experience, the preferences you share with us are woven into every interaction with your Purus team.


As a Purus family member, you can expect timely advice and a caring team to help with whatever life throws at you and your loved ones. The partnership we create with our clients is rare. We believe in regular communication through a host of services in addition to the many services outlined in our full services list. These include regular phone calls from your advisor and our team. We keep you in the loop with our Purus Perspective Newsletter, Investment Committee Updates, and our CLEAR Insights webinar series. We also conduct a series of surveys that measure how well we are meeting your expectations and what types of events/services you would like to see in the future.


    Your CLEAR Plan is reviewed throughout the year. The PWM Investment Committee constantly monitors the global markets and monetary policy and filters out the noise to develop actionable strategies for your portfolio. These strategies, along with any factors affecting your portfolio that were identified during the COLLABORATE step, are reviewed and implemented as appropriate. Your annual review is scheduled, and your CLEAR Advice Loop continues.

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