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Frequently Asked

Do you bill me every time we communicate?

No, communication is extremely important and a two way process. We want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us about any topic - big or small.

Are there different types of meeting options available?

We can accommodate any meeting type that will fit into your lifestyle. We offer in-person meetings at our office in Newport Beach, CA, or we are happy to consider an alternate meeting place. We also offer video conferences if you prefer - we promise we will wear pants!

I'm inexperienced when it comes to investments. Will my Purus Advisor help me understand unfamiliar topics in a way that is easily understood?

The world of finance can be an overwhelming and intimidating topic for many people. As your first point of contact, your Purus Advisor is always available to talk through any unfamiliar concepts. Through decades of experience, we have learned to break down complex questions into easily digestable content. Additionally, Purus provides regular education opportunities through newsletters, timely Investment Committee alerts, and webinars. These insights are aimed at educating you while filtering out the noise and providing clear information about current market conditions and fundamental investment concepts.

What areas of my financial life can you help with?

A more accurate question is: What can’t we help you with? From education planning for our youngest clients, all the way to support for our cherished, aging clients whose loved ones need support navigating tough decisions, we have programs that focus on all life stages. Our CLEAR Plan is our comprehensive financial planning process. This process is intended to help clients move through the different stages of their lives more at ease knowing they are making the right choices based on their short, mid, and long-term goals. We also partner with our clients' tax preparers and/or attorneys in order to act as the quarterback of their financial team.

What will our first meeting look like?

Engaging in a client-advisor relationship is much like dating - minus the awkwardness! During our first meeting, we hope to learn more about you, your family, and your financial goals. We ask questions and, most importantly, listen closely to determine what matters most to you. At Purus, we call this our FIT Meeting. Since wealth management is a trust-based, collaborative relationship, this process helps determine whether we are a good fit to work together. There is no obligation, financial or otherwise, for this meeting as our goal is to understand if Purus provides the partnership you are looking for.

Do I have online access to my accounts?

Convenient online access can be found on our website. You will have access to our Client Portal which allows us to share documents, performance reports, and can act as a dashboard for your overall financial picture. Additionally, a direct link to our primary custodian, Charles Schwab, is available. Purus also maintains an informative app that is available for Android, Apple, and tablets.

Why would I hire Purus rather than trying to do it myself?

We partner with a select group of families, individuals, and business owners who recognize how valuable it is to maximize the time they have to do the things they love. It is no secret that as you get older, your life gets more complicated. Partnering with a Purus Advisor early on helps to ensure a trusted relationship to rely on when you need it most. Financial success isn’t just about the investments you pick. Today’s financial world is complex, and the traps may not be easily detected. There are many market conditions and regulatory consequences that can affect long-term goals. An experienced advisor can help you avoid costly mistakes and free up time to allow you to focus on the things you enjoy.

What is the heart of Purus’ investment philosophy?

We take a commonsense approach to investing. We believe in sound fundamentals and a great deal of research. We meet with money managers and economists across the industry to understand their points of view. We do our own research and, during our Investment Committee meetings, come together to talk about what we have learned and how it affects our clients and their portfolios. Through this screening process, decisions are made about what investments are appropriate in whatever market conditions we find ourselves. We are not speculators or day traders - we are investors.

Do you have a relationship minimum?

Unlike many firms, our relationship requirements are not based on the amount of money you have to invest. Instead, we prioritize making sure our values align. We can't be everything to everyone, but we work hard to make sure we are everything to those who choose to partner with us.

Why is Purus different from working with other wealth management firms?

There is a saying about being wary of someone who only has new friends. We are proud to say we have many longtime friends - and clients too! You don’t foster these types of relationships if you aren’t doing something right. Purus is built on a foundation of loyalty and hard work. Our team has worked together for decades, and, together, we have created our CLEAR Purpose Approach. It is a time-tested process that helps our clients build and protect what is theirs for generations to come. As a result, our clients rely on our guidance, and we humbly participate in some of their biggest life moments - and small ones too.

What if my Purus Advisor is unavailable when I need immediate assistance?

Life happens. It is our priority to ensure that you are taken care of no matter what. In the event that your Purus Advisor is not available, you have access to other experienced Purus Advisors and a support team that works in tandem on all client accounts to create a seamless experience.

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