June 6, 2024

Purus Perspective: June 2024

The PWM Investment Committee would like to address the “elephant in the room.” Surprise…there is an election coming in November! We will continue to address this topic as we move closer to this highly anticipated election.

As financial industry professionals that have weathered many elections, we are very aware of how consumer sentiment is affected by political events. The amount of information fed to the public makes it hard to discern what will affect your portfolio – and what will not. The article “The stock market and the 2024 presidential election outlines the historical trend of the markets over the last 123 years regardless of which party wins and presents a strong case that the potential change of elected officials does not necessarily drive strong or weak markets.

There are many factors that go into all PWM Investment Committee decisions, and we recognize that no two periods are the same. As we head into the second half of 2024, we face some uncertainties, however, we continue to focus on our core investment philosophy – maintaining and tactically adjusting your long-term investment plan.

Another important upcoming event for so many of us is Father's Day. We wish a happy Father’s Day to all the dads, uncles, and father-figures out there!

Separating AI Hype from Investment Opportunity

Capital Group
"The artificial intelligence hype cycle has kicked into hyperdrive... We believe generative AI represents a transformational shift that will lead to unprecedented investment opportunities. The challenge for investors today is to separate the hype from what matters: the pace of adoption, improvements in the models and price declines."

Where Are Mortgage Rates Headed?

J.P. Morgan
"The residential housing market may never experience a boom quite like it did during the pandemic driven by a lack of housing supply after over a decade of under-building relative to population growth, strong demand across consumers thanks to fiscal support and the desire for more living space, and rock bottom interest rates."

Purus Wealth Management - Community Outreach

"Field of Honor® is about bringing people together to show their patriotism and pride in what makes America great and to experience something positive and meaningful. It is about uniting communities and educating our youth, raising public awareness, and showing gratitude to our military, veterans, and first responders, including K-9 and equine Heroes.  The sacrifices endured by these selfless Heroes to safeguard our way of life and communities are immeasurable."

Purus was honored to participate as a sponsor of an individual flag to honor our military members, veterans, and first responders. We also had the privilege of attending the heartfelt opening ceremonies for the Field of Honor® at the Mission. Proceeds from the Field of Honor® go to benefit Homefront America's programs for military families.

Swing For The Kids - Charity Golf Tournament

Purus Gives Back
“Waymakers, a nonprofit organization that builds safer communities by helping individuals make their way through conflict and crisis to a place of strength and stability, hosted its annual Swing For Kids Charity Golf Tournament presented by Purus Wealth Management and raised $195,000 on May 16 at Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine. This year’s tournament was attended by 144 golf enthusiasts coming together to raise vital funds for life changing services in Orange County. The funds raised will provide emergency youth shelter, support for victims of violent crime, counseling for at-risk families, resolve community disputes, and assist with prevention education in Orange County.”

This event is a powerful testament to what we can achieve together, and Purus is proud to support Waymakers in their mission to build safer communities and provide crucial support to those in need.