June 8, 2023

Purus Perspective: June 2023

Welcome to summer...sort of? We are looking forward to some sunshine soon, so we can get out and enjoy it!

The market has continued to make some progress after the volatility we saw last year. As discussed in the Investment Committee Update published earlier in the month, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to be a hot topic of conversation. Stay tuned to see how and where we think it will make its biggest impact. As always, the Investment Committee here at Purus is not just focused on the “flavor of the month”, but also on our well-rounded, broad-based approach.  Because the macroeconomic data is still showing conflicting signals, we continue to favor a balanced approach across a diversified portfolio.

Cathie Wood, Founder & CEO/CIO, of Ark Invest

Visits Purus Wealth Management HQ!

Purus Wealth Management recently had the opportunity to sit across the table from the brilliant mind behind the Ark Invest innovative investment platform. We were given one-on-one time in our office with Cathie Wood, as she shared insight regarding the current market and where technology might be taking us.

One of the main themes we talked about was Artificial Intelligence and how it is poised to shape our future. Cathie reminded us that innovation gains traction during tough times as it is during such challenges that products need to be made cheaper, better, and faster. In her words, “Innovation is actually a flight to safety.”

We look forward to continuing to be an active participant alongside Cathie and Ark Invest with their commitment to research, conviction to innovative technology, and the immense opportunities they bring.

How to Save for College in a Volatile Market with Rising Inflation

T.Rowe Price Insights
"Volatile financial markets paired with rising inflation can be stressful, and they can feel especially unsettling to parents who are seeing the balances in their 529 college savings plan accounts decline."

Purus Wealth Management Sponsors

Homefront America's Field of Honor®

Community Outreach
Mission San Juan Capistrano

Purus was honored to participate as a sponsor of an individual flag to honor our military members, veterans, and first responders. We also had the privilege of attending the heartfelt opening ceremonies for the Field of Honor® at the Mission. Proceeds from the Field of Honor® go to benefit Homefront America's programs for military families.

Honoring All Fathers

This Father's Day we want to honor all kinds of Dads! No matter where you are in your fatherhood journey, we send you lots of love this Father's Day and every day!

Market & Wine - Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Fireside Chat with Charles Schwab

We hope you were able to attend our May Market & Wine webinar on Cybersecurity & Data Privacy.

The team at Schwab and our own Digital Concierge, Hannah Morreale, shared important knowledge and useful tools around Cybersecurity to help you learn to safeguard your personal information. In case you missed it, we have a link to the webinar recording below. We assure you, it will be time well spent.