August 11, 2023

Purus Perspective: August 2023

August already?? September is practically next week. Time to pick out a Halloween costume and start your Christmas shopping. Happy New Year, everybody.

This quote was brought to our attention this morning and we just had to share. They say the best jokes are rooted in reality, and this one just felt spot on. For those of us in SoCal, we think it’s safe to say, we have another few months of this heat to really seal the summer deal.

Your Purus Team has had a jam-packed summer of fun announcements. We hope you like our new look and have had a moment to check out our new website.

The market has seemed to want to join in the joy of summer. Our portfolios have participated in nice growth since last year’s market downturn, but we have remained defensive as we continue to wait to see how the economy will react to the fastest rate hike cycle in history.

Another data point we are keeping our eye on is the recent downgrade of the long-term sovereign rating of the US from AAA to AA+ due to concerns about fiscal deterioration over the next few years and a high general government debt burden. Just as it remains important to run a fiscally responsible household, the world expects the same of the US government.

As always, if you would like more information, please contact your Purus Advisor.

Why Markets are In a Period of Normalization, Not Nirvana

Goldman Sachs Podcast
"US credit was downgraded this past week and the latest JOLTS numbers came in. Alexandra Wilson-Elizondo, deputy chief investment officer of multi-asset solutions in Asset & Wealth Management, talks about the impact in the latest episode of Exchanges: The Markets."

A Snapshot of the S&P 500 Index Earnings Beat Rate

First Trust
"After falling to its lowest level since Q1’20 (the start of the COVID-19 pandemic), the earnings beat rate for the index rose to 76.60% and 77.08% in Q1’23 and Q2'23, respectively."

Uncover the Truth About 529 Plans

"Don’t let common misconceptions about 529 plans cause you to miss out on their benefits when saving and investing for education. The below sets the record straight."

Purus Gives Back

Sponsorship of Waymakers "Swing For Kids" Charity Golf Tournament

Waymakers “Swing for Kids” Golf Tournament is attended by over 200 community members and influential business leaders. Purus is an active sponsor at the event every year to help the charity continue to provide life changing services to vulnerable children and families.

Summer Fun with the Purus Team!

Cybersecurity Quick Check

via Hannah Morreale, Operations Specialist & Digital Concierge

Digital Hygiene refers to a set of guidelines, habits, and best practices that we can use to create a safe digital environment. Just as you prioritize physical cleanliness, this concept encourages mindful behavior in your online interactions. Your online wellbeing is often a balancing act between convenience and security. A vigilant and skeptical mindset is a must. Using these tips and tools, we hope that you can enjoy the benefits of being online, while mitigating the pitfalls that come with it.

If you have any questions about this month’s topic, reach out to our cyber security team.

Purus CLEAR Insights - Educational Webinar Series

Save the date!

Please mark your calendars to join us for an in-depth conversation around Taxes - Trends & Tidbits. We are excited to have as our keynote speaker, Darren Larsen, an attorney who specializes in federal and state tax laws. Darren will focus on recent developments in tax law and policy, looming issues including sunsetting tax provisions and legislative proposals, and recent news about tax scams.